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Since it was founded in 1989, Alphaspråk has translated texts from and to the majority of languages. We work with specialist texts for businesses, authorities and non-profit organisations, but we also translate certificates and school transcripts for private individuals. Our translators are authorized by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency for certification of official documents. This means that they have been approved by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency’s comprehensive translator’s examination that is given once annually. Only 10% of the candidates pass the examination. Therefore, authorisation is viewed as a stamp of quality in itself. They translate only from or to their native language with the exception of those who have passed the examination in both directions, in other words, translating both from their native language and into their native language. Authorised translators are obligated to adhere to accepted translation practices, in other words, to follow certain ethical regulations applicable to the occupation. They are also subject to confidentiality. Anyone who violates these regulations will lose their authorisation. You can find the regulations at Kammarkollegiet’s website or at the Föreningen auktoriserade translator’s website We normally also work with authorised translators for those assignments that do not require authorisation due to their sound knowledge regarding language and subject matter. If a non-authorised translator is engaged in certain cases this is because he/she has special competence within the subject area in question. We have specialists within most subject areas and always select the translator that is best adapted for your particular text. Some authorised translators also have pharmaceutical, financial, legal or technical education. We perform a quality check on all translations in regard to both linguistic and terminology aspects prior to delivery. We prefer to work closely with our customer. This increases the conditions for finding what is right in regard to both terminology and style.

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